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White Noise and ADD/ADHD PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 July 2010
Article Index
White Noise and ADD/ADHD
White Noise Helps with Concentration in ADD/ADHD
White Noise - Behavior modification tool
Teachers Use White Noise to Assist ADHD Students


White Noise - Behavior modification tool                     

By Isabel Rodrigues


White Noise is not actually "noise" it is a random signal with a flat power spectral. It is a sound frequency or a signal that one hears as a gentle hiss, similar to the sound of wind rustling through trees, a waterfall, radio static or the ocean turf. It is purely a theoretical construct. To use a simple analogy, the color white contains the whole spectrum of colors of light. Similarly white noise is created by using the entire spectrum of frequencies, the human ear can hear.

White Noise can help a person relax or work as a sleep aid. Life is full of disruptive sounds and noises, such as honking of cars, barking of dogs, noisy neighbors, annoying snoring and screaming sirens. White noise does not add to the clamor of noise instead white noise contains equal frequencies of all sounds. Research has shown that a steady, monotonous stream of the same peaceful sound, such as white noise, can filter and mask distracting noises. This gentle continuous sound promotes a calm mood to help you relax and/or fall asleep.

The benefit of white noise for anyone is that it can help lessen the noisy distractions of one's physical environment. That's why it's used to help people relax, sleep, and concentrate better. Different sights and sounds within their surroundings more easily distract individuals with ADD/ADHD, hyperactivity, impulsiveness and other similar disabilities. By masking or canceling out extraneous sounds, white noise can be a very effective part of an overall program to promote greater focus, concentration, and productivity, as well as improved interpersonal behavior.

White noise is often recommended as a behavior modification tool, to help manage your pets' behavior, especially to relax them. Many dog owners play white noise as an anti-bark control to stop their dogs from incessant barking at loud noises or if they're suffering from separation anxiety or fear. White noise also helps comforts your scared or nervous pet, especially if it's experiencing some form of pet phobia.

And, pets love to fall asleep to white noise, just like humans!

White noise can be obtained in different formats such as ocean waves and the wind. Of course, these are not the real ocean waves and wind but pure white noise in the soothing rhythmic pattern of waves or the dynamic intensity of the wind.


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