Rehabilitation & Discipline
Tuesday, 12 May 2009

In any rehabilitation, discipline is of the utmost importance. The drug-dependent is literary controlled by his/her body's craving for the substance and therefore it is necessary to help him in his/her process towards recovery. If it was left up to him/her, the craving for the substance would quickly get the upper hand, mainly due to the fact that he/she hasn't taught themselves to control it yet!


The way in which the discipline is applied and learned, is also very important. What works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for the next! Therefore it is crucial that institutions that are involved with the rehabilitation, use varied ways of creating discipline to ensure that the way discipline is applied does contribute towards the rehabilitation.


In a world like today, where the youth grow up without community values, norms and principles, it is often very difficult for such an institution to have a certain code of conduct that everyone approves of. On top of that, you also have the parents that look at the way the the discipline is applied in a very subjective manner - they automatically pick their child's side and thus rather approve his/her misconduct than the institution that is trying to help educate their child. Parent have to familiarize and inform themselves of the institution's rules, regulations and principles, as well as the way in which discipline will be applied, before they admit their child to the institution.


We have to remember that children look up to parents that show them the way and are prepared to help them. As I always say in regards to my own children: "If I didn't care for them, I would have let them do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted with whomever they wanted, BUT, because I do care for them, I am willing to discipline them, if neccesary punish them so that they can protect themselves against themselves and the world that they live in!"


Child education isn't for sissy's!


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