Introducing Youth@Heart

Youth at HEART Development have the development of healthy youths at heart. Though built on Christian principles, Youth@HEART aims to serve all people equally, irrespective of race, gender, culture or religion. The ‘HEART’ part of the name is also an acronym for what the organisation aims to achieve:


Health through Education, Arts, Recreation and Training


The implementation of the letters of HEART can be seen as follows:


 HealthWorking to create physical, mental, spiritual and social health for the youth
 EducationEducating young people and adults on youth-related issues through talks and seminars
 ArtsUsing the Arts as therapeutic medium and for cross-cultural relationship building programs 
 RecreationUsing fun, games, sports and outings as therapeutic medium and for cross-cultural relationships building programs
 TrainingProviding training in all above-mentioned aspects, including training to develop young people in leadership, counselling, inter-personal relationships, cross-cultural relationships and life skills. 



Mission Statement

"To make a difference to society, by developing and nurturing youths, and to ensure their spiritual, social, mental and physical health through preventative and supportive actions, as well as the management of their crises."



"It is our vision to help create a healthy lifestyle for young people"