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Monday, 01 June 2009


When children are compared to each other!


When a person has the honour of leading a child through life, a few aspects that has to be kept in mind include:


  1. Parents haven't received any training in raising children;

  2. As parent, I have to realise that the way in which I was brought up, is not necessarily the way I should raise, or would want to raise my children;

  3. Every child is unique;

  4. The fact that more than one child is born from a marriage, doesn't imply that they are all the same.

For these reasons it is important that the parents come to learn the uniqueness of each child before their school years. Here it is important that the parents interact with their children, albeit in a play-play manner so that each child's strong and weak points can be discovered! Through interaction with the child, he or she can be stimulated to, in later years, work together with the parent(s) when he or she is doing his or her homework, or preparing for tests or exams!


Parents and children have to realise that academics is like athletics, you are competing against your "personal best". Parents have to be vary wary not to drive their children to perform better while the child believes that he or she has given his best and achieved his or her best! It is also especially bad when the child has to stand in his or her older brother or sister's shadow. Teachers and parents often make these comparisons that can be very destructive - these children often only realise their strong points later on in life - they often feel like they are in competition with someone out of their league whilst at school! It is very unfair of us as adults not to give each child the opportunity to discover, cultivate and develop him or herself.


Encouragement is not slavery, but rather motivation, support and mentoring of the youth. Go through the work with the child, just to have understanding of the amount and level of the work, then we might understand the responsibility on the child's shoulders.


Let us enjoy the uniqueness of each of God's creations in each individual. I personally would rather have a happy child that underachieves, than an achieving child that is unhappy!




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