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Frequently asked questions about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD-ADHD).

Read more about ADD-ADHD.

What help can and is provided for children born with ADD-ADHD?


First and of the utmost importance is that the child is diagnosed by a professional. Then secondly the child has to be given the correct medication as prescribed by a psychiatrist. ADD-ADHD is a chemical imbalance that can be treated by using the correct medication.


This has the effect that the person doesn't behave impulsive, hyperactive, his/her attention being diverted so easily, aggresive etc. If the person can recieve neurotherapy in conjunction with the medication, so much the better. Neurotherapy stimulates the communication between the brain cells, causes the brain cells to react faster all because the chemical imbalance has been rectified.

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How do I handle it when he/she becomes too much, for example he/she and a sibling fights?


It is important that you and the rest of the family realise that his/her impulsive behaviour, even the tendancy to be aggresive, is due to the chemical imbalance in his/her brain. This by now means justifies his/her behaviour!


If the medication is taken as prescribed, the impulsiveness and even the aggresiveness should become less and he/she should be able to lead a normal life!

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Are there any resources that we, as parents, can use that can be of any help?


There are many support groups for parents with ADD-ADHD children, simply do a search on the internet (for example on Google , Yahoo or Ananzi ) or contact your closest community center to find out they have a ADD-ADHD support group.


The internet also has various usefull support groups that are available online.

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What future is there for children with ADD-ADHD?


Every child with ADD-ADHD, holds their future in their own hands, with the help and support from their parents naturally! That's if the prescribed medication is taken of course!


With the correct treatment he/she can discover, grow and reach their full potential to be a successful and contributing member of society. ADD-ADHD doesn't imply any mental problems, they can be, and usually are, some of the most brilliant people on the planet.


But because they can be very impulsive (when they don't use their medication),  they are often misunderstood and misinterpreted. They don't realise that they are being aggressive, or that their attention has been diverted to something else, or the amount of time that has been spent as they often loose track of time, etc.


They tend to be calmer, can concentrate better and can usually schedule their time better with the correct medication. This is when they discover their potential and can grow, and in many cases, outgrow their "normal" peers at school!

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